Making the Decision Between Home Care or Assisted Living

As an elderly loved one's health begins to decline, hard decisions must be made. Families weigh the pros and cons of at-home care and moving the family member into an assisted living community. Both health services are beneficial for seniors with dementia or who need help with activities of daily life. But, loved ones who [...]

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Senior Citizens That became Famous Later in Life

Sixty is the new 30 a recent study shows. A person's metabolism actually doesn't begin slowing until they reach 60 years of age. When this day comes, it only slows one percent a year. Men and women find they can remain healthy and active their entire lives. However, many people don't remain active. Fortunately, assisted [...]

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Help Your Loved Ones Identify Scams That Target Seniors

Seniors are full of wisdom and life experiences that we all can learn from and appreciate. However, individuals and groups have no problem targeting vulnerable seniors using insidious scams. As a caring community, we can do our part to keep seniors more aware of scams and ruthless con artists. It is crucial to secure and [...]

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Early Signs Of Glaucoma Everyone Needs to Know About

Seniors are at a greater risk of developing glaucoma if they are at least 85 years old or have a family history of eye disease. Studies show that there isn't a cure for glaucoma, but there are treatments that can decrease the effects of the disease and protect the person's vision. By reviewing early signs [...]

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Quality of Life Improvements Through Assisted living

Most individuals find they are lucky enough to live a long life, one that takes them into their senior years. However, many of these men and women find their quality of life decreases as they age. Loved ones must take steps to help the senior prevent this from happening, and the following tips become of [...]

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12 Tips: In the Search for a Quality Senior Living Community

As family members, parents, and loved one's age, finding quality care and a comfortable environment for them is often a top priority. There are many factors to keep in mind as you search for the perfect place, but that does not mean it has to be a difficult task. Ensuring that loved ones are receiving [...]

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