Most individuals find they are lucky enough to live a long life, one that takes them into their senior years. However, many of these men and women find their quality of life decreases as they age. Loved ones must take steps to help the senior prevent this from happening, and the following tips become of great help. 

Monitor the Senior for Signs of Depression

Millions of elderly Americans suffer from depression. This depression may arise after the death of loved ones, when they retire and no longer have somewhere to go every day, or when they feel as if they are burdening their loved ones because they need help at times. People must monitor their loved ones for depression and speak to the loved one’s medical team if they are concerned. Furthermore, speak to the seniors regularly to see how they are feeling and if they are struggling in any way. Men and women residing in Senior Living communities find they have people around them who can monitor them for this issue.  

Check for Signs of Anxiety

Many individuals find they don’t like living alone in their senior years. Their significant other is no longer with them and the children are grown and gone. This often leads to anxiety that negatively affects their quality of life. They worry about falling and who will help them, what they will do if someone breaks into the home, and things of that nature. They rarely share these worries with loved ones, as they don’t want to stress them. For individuals suffering from dementia, anxiety while living alone may lead to them pacing the floors and engaging in other repetitive behaviors. Assisted living in West Bloomfield Township, MI helps to reduce anxiety in seniors, as they are surrounded by others in similar situations. 


Seniors often find they can no longer engage in favorite activities. They may lack transportation to get to the activities or find their health no longer allows them to take part. Men and women need to stay connected with others as they age because loneliness remains a problem for individuals over the age of 65. In fact, it remains a leading cause of depression in older individuals. Assisted living communities plan activities for residents so this concern can be laid to rest. The senior doesn’t need to leave the community to take part and may find they can try their hand at something they always wanted to learn but never had the time to. 

Physical Activity

Physical exercise helps to ward off many health issues in seniors. Regular walks provide benefits, but they are only one way to get elderly individuals up and moving. At an assisted living community, seniors find they can take part in classes, work out in a gym with people to help them do the exercises properly, swim in a pool, or go to a dance in the community. Anything that stimulates blood flow will help to improve their cardiovascular health while relieving stress and anxiety. This may be something as simple as clapping along with music or it might be a more strenuous activity. Both benefit the senior. 


Many people don’t like to cook for one. They feel their efforts are wasted, so they eat processed foods or dine on fast food regularly. The lack of nutrients in the diet harms their health and has a negative impact on their quality of life. When a person moves to assisted living, staff members handle the meals. The senior chooses if they want to eat in their living accommodations or join others for a meal. The community employs people to ensure seniors get what they need from their diet to live a long, happy life. 

Families need to consider all options when a loved one can no longer live on their own. Assisted living communities serve as an ideal solution for many people, as they are surrounded by their peers and have help on-site if they need it. With a move to one of these communities, a senior finds their quality of life improves and they enjoy life more. This provides the family with comfort, as they know their loved one is being cared for properly when they cannot be present. 

About Townehall Place Senior Living: 

The Townehall Place senior community allows for easy access to family, friends, and the surrounding communities, so residents find they never suffer from boredom. The community serves as home to the historic town hall constructed in 1923. Residents love this connection to the area’s history and the community’s commitment to carrying forth the history of the surrounding area.